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Platinum being 95% pure is considered to be a privileged metal. Very white in color, it does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold. It is dense and heavy, so you will certainly feel a platinum ring heavier on your finger than an 18K gold ring. Its rareness, endurance and purity compose its allure making it crowned worldwide as the King of Metals. Platinum, being more expensive than gold, is popular mostly among rich and famous. You can buy platinum rings at a price more than double as that of 18K white gold rings. This sophisticated appealing metal is mainly used for ladies wedding rings, mens wedding bands and engagement rings. For many generations and at the heart of countless love stories, platinum has been the most handpicked metal to commemorate special precious moments between couples. Platinum becomes your living witness of that one pure love coming true.

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iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry proffers a wide selection of unique love bands with insurmountable quality and exquisite designs beyond compare. Browse our exclusively selected platinum rings for variety of styles in fashion; you will simply be amazed with their beauty and shine.


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Pendants are considered very versatile jewelry pieces because of their flexibility and historical eminence. A pendant can be worn either for work place elegance or as a sensational gemstone fashion jewelry accessory. Being one of the most customizable jewelry design pieces, necklaces pendants can be hand crafted to suit everyone’s taste. At iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry, we create custom jewelry with superior quality and expert craftsmanship to match every individual’s personality and style. Our sterling silver pendants collection is one of the masterpieces we brag the world about because they are state of the art work by one of the chosen few best jewelry making experts in the world. If you are looking for radiance and beauty in sterling silver, you made the right decision of visiting our online jewelry shop.We provide our customers with a large catalogue of both high quality designer jewelry and fair price.


A sterling silver pendant is a great way to express one’s uniqueness in being classy and fashionable. Pendants for necklaces have always been worn to signify personal icon and higher social status. Featuring our diversified styles for costume jewelry, we offer wide assortments of shapes and sizes. If you are a jewelry lover, our ocean of options of wholesale jewelry is perfect for you to right away pick from our jewelry online store.

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So why choose a ring with side stones? A channel of side stones are glitzy diamonds that embolden the center stone to create a sophisticated glamour to your engagement diamond rings. The marquise pave channel is a setting of diamond stones on the diamond ring bands. These side stones of diamonds are intricately placed in various breathtaking pave set or channel set designs along the diamond bands. Cascading along the chest of the rings, pave and channel set engagement rings offer a distinct level of elegance that enhances the beauty of the center diamond. Your choice of center diamond is accented by rows of distinct diamonds, cut to various sizes and in assorted shapes. In each piece, these stones highlight your investment and lend a fashionable look to your ring.

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Buy these diamond engagement rings and any gold wedding bands at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry to give her the ultimate shine that she deserves. Our large index of magnificent ring designs is one of a kind, such you can hardly find in other jewelry stores.

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Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. There are so many options to boggle the mind of. If you are interested in the antique look, consider this elegant style. Its unique shape will make your engagement ring standout. Known by its egg shaped cut, the oval diamond is less common in engagement settings. Marvelous style with excellent quality and superior craftsmanship – that is how oval antique diamond rings are made. Designed to fit perfectly an oval diamond in the center, the setting will highlight and enhance the look of the remarkable center stone. Get to know this flawless beauty of antique engagement rings and set yourself apart with  one today.

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Every jewel tells a story. Every story composes a lifetime book of wisdom and experiences. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry takes pride in making these stories a reality with its finest collection of antique engagement rings. This is your special lady’s most significant story she will be bragging the world about. So understanding who will wear an oval diamond is essential to knowing if she will love it or not.

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Like no other jewelry stores, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry continues to lead as the number one diamond rings shop when it comes to first rate engagement rings as well as bridal sets including men’s wedding rings, and men’s wedding bands. Other than marquise antique diamond rings you can find lovely diamond rings and gold rings in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you would want to try our princess cut antique engagement rings also preferred for its royalty. Or you may rather visit our education section to know more about the value of the various sizes and cuts of all our gemstones. If you are ready to shop for antique engagement ring but you don’t feel like a marquise cut diamond, consider a pear shaped antique diamond ring. Pear shaped stones blend the marquise cut with a traditional round brilliant cut diamond.

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Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. There are so many options to boggle the mind of. If you are interested in the antique look, consider this elegant style. Its unique shape will make your engagement ring standout. Known by its egg shaped cut, the oval diamond is less common in engagement settings. Marvelous style with excellent quality and superior craftsmanship – that is how oval antique diamond rings are made.

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Marquise diamonds are truly set apart from any other stone. They draw the eye to exquisite lines and achieve incredible brightness. Pair one of these stones with a striking antique style setting, and you have a stylish match that is hard to beat. Consider our collection of marquise antique diamond rings for your engagement and revive the legend of Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise diamond engagement rings are attributed to Louis the XIV, the Sun King when he first ordered crafters to create a brilliant cut diamond that could match the smile of his mistress, Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise antique diamond rings are made to look as arrestingly large as possible. Wearing this cut of diamond rings tends to project an extrovert, innovative, determined and ambitious personality in you. You will never find any promise rings as strong and elegant as marquise antique diamond rings.


Owe find the marquise cut to be intriguing. These stunning stones really find their way into true elegance in antique settings. Perfectly cut diamonds following the royal marquise shape enhances the diamond’s brilliance. We just call them special. When viewed from the top, marquise cut resembles the shape of a sailboat. Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring The components like crown, pavilion and the center table are cut in steps making rectangular facets. Such components are made to decrease in size as they approach the center stone providing a great deal of sparkle making the diamond radiate a dazzling spark. You will never look for engagement vintage rings if you find our marquise royal diamond rings.

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Gold pendants never go out of style, beauty and elegance. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is proud to present our contemporary designs of gold pendants and charms in 18K yellow and white gold as well as 14k gold. Find that heavenly treasure unique from all other jewelry shops and express your love with exceptional, intricate heart, love and lockets patterns. Three Stone Rings for Women Choose from our growing series of lavish, high quality pendants that each contain a touch of rare gold, platinum or sterling silver. Our comprehensive assortment includes astrology, music, careers jewelry, art, numerals, celestial, charm holders, engravable gifts, anniversary gifts, flower and mom pendants, good luck charms, zodiac pendants and many more! Marquise Diamond RingsPick any of these for your costume jewelry and taste the luxury of radiance in your character and uniqueness. Feel the glamour of fashion jewelry enriching your magnificence and fashionable look.